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New Line – TND Bespoke Haberdashery

New Line – TND Bespoke Haberdashery

Hey Bling Lovers!

Things have been hectic since Hurricane Harvey wrecked havoc in August and the entire region has been trying to recover and resume some sense of normalcy. While my ability to ship out orders was delayed things got done, orders were shipped and received and all went well. But it was during this time that I’ve been MIA on my blog that I was putting that time to good use. Read the rest of this entry »

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Who Says You Can’t Afford It?

Hey there bling lovers!! It’s the beginning of another wonderful week of February and I must say that it is fairly warm here in Houston, unlike the rest of the country. It’s a breezy and sunny 61 degrees with a high of 81 today! It’s perfect for doing some photography work on my upcoming Safari Collection. Read the rest of this entry »

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Raising a Baptist Finger

I started this particular blog post on Sunday but the WordPress app on my Kindle deleted EVERYTHING I had saved locally the minute I connected to a wifi network!!!!  I was beyond pissed off and irritated so I am forced to recollect what I wrote in its entirety.  My plucky nature knows no bounds and I am the first to admit that I’m glad that I don’t always say the first thing that comes to mind.  However it does bear stating that I am guilty of not exactly being able to hide my contempt and disdain for certain things, much as I may try… ok, so I don’t exactly try a lot of times… Don’t judge me!! LOL

As temps reach into the mid-high 80’s with a heat index in the 90’s in many parts of the country people are reaching into the back of their closets and bringing out their lighter clothing.  I must tell you that a good many of these choices should have stayed in the archives; it wasn’t right last season and nothing about the passage of this past year has made it any more appropriate.  My fashion PSAs have covered just about every situation and locale except church.  Some of y’all will say I’m going to hell for this post and that God said come as you are.  The latter of these is true, He did same come as you are but He also wants things done decent and in order.  Some of the clothing choices made are neither decent nor in any semblance of order!!    Black, White, Purple, Polka Dotted or otherwise this applies to anyone going to any church in any country on the face of the planet.  Whether you go to church on Friday, Sunday, Thursday, Saturday or mid-week services, this applies to you.

  1.  First and foremost, for the love of the fashion gods, just because they make it in your size does not mean you should buy it, let alone wear it!!  This should go without saying but EVERY Sunday I see folks who have poured their size 16 self into a size 12.  I am beautifully curvaceous and love it but you will NEVER catch me wearing anything a size too small.  I will buy it larger and have it tailored.
  2. Pantyhose with open-toed shoes… This is a no-no ladies….
  3.  Pantyhose with runs that go from your ankle up to your thigh, then you try to cover it with a prayer cloth…  You cannot put pantyhose on a cactus and not expect them to end up looking like a game of Donkey Kong!  I personally feel it is too damn hot to wear pantyhose but do you boo boo, do you.
  4.  Bodyshapers, Spanx, are a requirement under unlined skirts and dresses.  When you come to the alter for prayer your behind should not look like two pigs fighting under a blanket.
  5. Hats are great, I am a fan of and own quite a few: sunhats, Bowlers, Fedoras (my personal fav), Pageboys, and caps, whatever.  Your hat should not block 2-3 rows of parishioners behind you nor should it be able to be spotted via satellite on Google Maps.
  6. Men please stop wearing colored linen with matching shoes.
  7. Tighty Whities are not appropriate underwear under linen… if you have doubts or questions about what is please consult with the women in your life… it can be your mother for all I care as long as she doesn’t also have questionable taste as well.

I have yet to grace the public with a questionable or less than stellar ensemble.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so vain as to say that the most important thing about going to church is what you have on.  No, I’m just saying that the randomness and foolishness that comes through the door detracts from what we should be focusing on.

Just because you are in God’s house doesn’t exempt you from being decent!!  LMBO!!  Y’all know I am my own special breed of special!!

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole


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Who Lied To You and Told You That Was Cute?

Happy Hump Day my Lovelies!

     It is a dreary, rainy, floody Wednesday here in Houston, TX but I am happy for the rain, as I have mentioned in previous post.  Today’s post is not about the current cruddy weather, but rather it is a quite poignant “Grinds My Gears” segment.  So what really grinds my gears is to see women of any age out in public looking tow-down, raggedy, homely or what can otherwise be labeled as unkempt!  I have stated in previous post that I don’t look like a beauty queen every single day; I don’t wear designer cocktail dresses and jewels to make a midnight run to Whataburger for a Breakfast on a Bun (BOB) or a burger fix.   However, I will always look neat, put together and have my hair combed. 

     I was in the drive-thru line at Burger King earlier this week and through the back window of a Pontiac Sunfire in front of me, I could see a female in the passenger side of the car who’s hair literally looked like a Treasure Troll on a bad hair day.  Why? Why would she come out of the house/apartment, whatever, looking a hot friggin mess?!  All I could do is shake my head and fight the urge to offer her a comb, some oil sheen and a Scrunchie. Don’t leave your home, even to check your mail, with your hair tied up, with a satin bonnet cap on, with bed-head, with rollers still on or half of your hair braided and the other half resembling a Fraggle.

     I see women, young, old, thin, voluptuous, plus sized, etc. that have on clothes that are not meant for their body types.  Just because they make it in your size does not mean that you should wear it!  Not everyone of every size can play off tights and a shirt that stops just below their butt.  Oh, and I have a special place of irkiness for people who wear pajamas outside!  If I see one more pair of flannel SpongeBob Square Pants or Hello Kitty on someone outside of their home, and in addition to that in 100 degree Houston weather, I am going to go off!  I love being comfortable, but just like you have clothes that are meant for specific locations, (i.e. swimsuits are meant for the pool and the beach, not your neighborhood grocery store) some comfort items are meant to stay indoors!

     It makes me truly wonder if maybe these women have no sense of self-worth or pride that they could care less about what they look like.  I know that there are people who don’t give a flying flip what anyone thinks about them; however that does not mean that you don’t mind the perception that is garnered by your appearance.  What adds insult to injury is those women who don’t care what they look like and dress their children accordingly.  Your baby girl is all of 2 years old; why is it her fault that you walk around looking like “Boo Boo The Fool” and dress her to match?!  That is doing nothing but raising another generation of fashion-lost souls who will impart the same raggedy mentality to their own offspring. They will grow up to be one of those people who are found on those “You Know You Wratchet” or “The People of Wal-Mart” websites, fashion victims to the ‘inth degree. Well guess what ladies and gentlemen? No child of mine or any child(ren) in my care, rather temporarily or permanently, will EVER be anything less than presentable, well-groomed and well-dressed.  It doesn’t cost anything to have a little dignity and pride in your appearance and yourself. 

Remember my dearies, me fashion innovator not a victim!

Here is a fashion no-no for you to review.  I have made sure that the victim in question’s face has been removed to protect the guilty!  If this is something you do, just say “Ouch”, put up the Baptist finger and remove yourself to your closet to change clothes.

This is a sin and a daggone shame!

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole


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You Are Not at Home

Happy Frisky Friday ya’ll! 

   I don’t think I have ever been happier to see a Friday than I am today!  It has been a hell of a week; I’m exhausted, worn out and in desperate need of a vacation.  But one thing I was taught by my very gracious and beautiful mother is that my exterior will never look like my interior feels.  No day will you ever see me looking tore down, raggly or frumpish.  Even to go to the grocery store I will be attired properly, comfortable and casual but presentable.  You will not see me with my hair tied up, a do-rag on, stains on my clothes or walking around wrinkled; it just WON’T happen.  I am not trying to blast those that do go out looking…well, what is the word that I am looking for…slouchish.  (Yea, that word will suffice.)  I’m just saying that I  won’t go out that way; don’t get me wrong you will and can find me in a pair of yoga pants, a tank and a ponytail at the local Kroger’s.  I don’t put on a ball gown and the crown jewels to grocery shop; I just feel that you should take some pride in how you look, no vanity intended nor implied. 

     That being said, today’s Grinds My Gears” segment has to do with just this topic.  I am all for bumming around the house and being comfortable, but a time should come where when you step outside of your house that you look put together.  Case and point, casual Friday at the office is a prime example.  Although it is casual Friday in the workplace, that does not mean that you need to walk into the office looking like you are getting ready to mow the lawn!  Tennis shoes are fine, if your dress code allows such; just don’t let them be the ones that you go and play softball in or that the ones you use when you go for a run on the local neighborhood trail.  At least have the dignity to wipe the dirt and grime off of them!  Men, casual Friday does not mean you come to work looking like you have 2 days worth of 5 o’clock shadow, haven’t attempted to do something to the hair on your head and wearing a “wrankled” ( 10x worse than wrinkled) polo or Tommy Bahama shirt!  NO, NO, NO!  It is my opinion that casual Friday has been taken advantage of and people tend to make it a day where they could care less about what they look like.  Casual Friday is not the day for you to break out you soccer slides and the remnants of the bottom of your dresser drawers or questionable attire that is better suited for washing the car and vegging on the couch.  I promise I think I saw someone in the lobby wearing those pajama jeans that you see on TV… that is a No-No! 

     I have said it before and it bears repeating, the mirror is your friend!  Use it, love it, embrace it, befriend it; the mirror won’t lie to you, it will be the realist friend you will ever have.  Be a fashion innovator… not a victim.

Casual Friday Gone Wrong
THE OFFICE — “Casual Friday” Episode 526 — NBC Photo: Chris Haston

Blessings and Happiness 

T. Nicole


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Random Summer Fashion Faux Pas… The Office Edition

     Here in Houston the summer is upon us with daily temperatures in the mid 90s and humidity at nearly 100%.  It is so hot every summer that most of us don’t even complain anymore when we look at our car dashboards at 8:00 am and see that it reads over 80 degrees!  With the sweltering summer heat comes the lighter colored clothing, sleeveless shirts and open toed shoes.  All of these are great and when worn properly are a respite from the heat.  However there are some “rules” that need to be imparted at the office when summer attire comes around.

1) If you are going to wear light-colored shirts and/or pants (tan, beige- no that is not the same color as tan, off-white, white, etc) please wear the correct undergarments.  Wearing a pink or blue bra under a white shirt means that the entire office knows what color and style of bra you are wearing; and NO ONE will tell you that they can see it; they will snicker and talk about you in private.  Just sayin…

2) If you are going to wear linen, please see #1.  Also know that linen is notorious for wrinkling, go with extra heavy starch and steam as well.  It shouldn’t look like the Wrinkle Monster took your cloths, balled them up, threw them at you saying, “Roar! Go to work!” 

3) If you are going to wear open-toed shoes please get a pedicure!  Now, I shouldn’t have to say this ladies; you should be getting pedicures on a regular basis.  Not only does it give you pretty feet, it also serves as a time for relaxation and a place where your husband/boyfriend/children would not dare to venture.  Me personally, I go every two weeks.  Stop letting your nail polish chip and flake off and then wear Jesus sandals to work.  Your toenails shouldn’t be so long that when you walk on the kitchen/break room floor that we hear clicking! Nor should they look like they would slice up your sheets. Not a cute look! 

4) If you wear open toed shoes, please lotion your feet.  Your feet shouldn’t look like you have been kicking flour or been on a barefooted pilgrimage through a quartz mine.

5) Short shirts that show all kinds of stuff when you bend over to get a file out of the drawer….No.  *insert blank stare* 

6) Low cut shirts that have you damn near falling out of them when you reach across your desk…No. *insert blank stare*

6) Short dresses or skirts that stop right below your behind or a few inches below it…Just a flat out no.  Just because you put a sweater on over it does not make it work appropriate.  Think again!

     I could go on and on but I think ya’ll get the point.  If you are offended or upset by anything I have written above, then more than likely some of these refer to you.  Just say “Ouch”.  I am not saying that I always get it right, but I can NEVER be accused of any of these fashion faux pas!  I am just trying to help, please know that your coworkers do talk about you if you do any of these.  Remember the mirror is your friend.  If you think something may be questionable or you aren’t quite sure, dial a friend and ask their opinion.  If one is not available and you have doubts… change clothes!  Be a fashion innovator, not a victim.

I am not afraid to give these out and carry them with me!

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole


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*Taps mic, clears throat*

Excuse me everyone, may I have your attention please?

Dear Clothing Designers,

I am a beautifully curvy woman with an hourglass figure and a gangload of a#$. Therefore I cannot, and should not, wear extremely short shorts… or short shorts that matter.  Please make shorts at a length for me that will not have half of my lusciousness hanging out or that my grandmother would wear.

Get it right, it’s hot as hell outside and these jeans are killing me softly!

*Drops mic, exits stage left*

A Public Service Announcement


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