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Random Summer Fashion Faux Pas

Happy Saturday my Lovelies!

As always it is exceedingly hot and humid in Houston and with the heat comes the summer fashions, if they can be called that.  Yes, it is hot and we all gravitate to shorts, tanks, and flips.  However comfortable you may be trying to get, your shorts should not be able to double as underwear, your tanks should not showcase “Sideboob Hour”, and your flips should be a large enough size that half of your foot isn’t on the sidewalk, you may as well be barefoot. 

For those of us who wear maxidresses or sundresses of any sort, wearing a dress does not excuse you from wearing the correct undergarments!  Bodyshapers come in breathable fabrics now, please use them accordingly.  It’s not cute to be jiggling and wobbling all over the place.  Last, but certainly not least,  seersucker is meant for small children and Col. Sanders, not grown a#$ folks! Please dress accordingly, keeping in mind that the rest of us have to look at you, mirrors are your friend and that if you have second thoughts about wearing it, you should probably change clothes.  Don’t make me pull out the Fashion Citations!

This suit screams, “Let me get a two piece dark with a biscuit, a side of coleslaw and a Mint Julep!”

Blessings & Happiness

T. Nicole


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