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Please Come In and Have a Seat

Happy Wednesday/Hump Day my Lovelies!!

Sometimes I think we get so wrapped up in what the world thinks about who and what we are and in never stopping moving, that we don’t take the time to slow down and really have an introspective look at who we know us to be.  Like out of one of those dramatic thrillers were the main character comes home after evading arrest and assassins to find the villain sitting in the dark their favorite chair.  He tells him to come and have a sit, motioning with his gun to an adjacent chair and our protagonist wearily slinks over and cautiously sits.  The villain goes into this deep monologue and in it dark truths are revealed that causes him to doubt everything that has happened, everything he thinks and the motives of those around him.   It’s time to have that conversation with yourself.  It is past time for you to stop running from all of those things that you have been avoiding and hiding from and face the parts of you that scare and frighten you.  You never know… you may end up the wiser for it.

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole


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Don’t Stand So Close to Me!

Hello My Lovelies!!  It is another beautiful day in Zamunda ( I am all about the random movie references!) ! 

By now we all know that I have random, strange and at times hilariously funny encounters with John Q. Public.  This is nothing new and true to form I was accosted last night when I and my hubby went to see The Avengers.  We were standing in line waiting to be let into the theater and some random “woman” ( Using the term loosely as she was not dressed as a respectable example of our fair sex. She basically had on a pair of shorts that could double for boyshorts underwear from Victoria’s Secret, and dingy tank top and a pair of beat up Chuck Taylors ) walks towards me and promptly and unceremoniously plops herself behind me and there is less than a foot between my backside and her front side ( trying to keep it PG ya’ll).  I was sooo uncomfortable and she was sooo close to me that I couldn’t even turn around and say anything to her about it.  So, me being me, I looked over to my right at my husband and said loud enough for her and at least the 4 people in our general vicinity to her me, ” What the deuce!  Why is this broad so close to me?  I mean, I know I am fine and all but dammit she needs to take a good 2 steps back!  I don’t know her like that!  Hell, I don’t know you like that!”  Do you think she moved?  Nope, she continued to stand there staring at the back of my head, or whatever she was doing back there ( I was scared to look)! Read the rest of this entry »


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