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Refrigerator Police

You all might recall the blog post last month regarding what I deem to be inappropriate use of certain types of bags in the refrigerator.  Almost a month has passed and I found myself on another miniature tirade of sorts.  I came back from a meeting on another floor well below my own and walked into the kitchen for a nice hot cup of cocoa.  Upon setting foot at the threshold, my nose was assaulted by a most horrific smell.  I honestly think I threw up a little in my mouth it was so bad!!  I looked around so as to confront my attacked like I wasn’t even alone in the kitchen.  “Byler” walks in and I ask her if I am the only one that smells that smell, it was like week old cabbage and feet and it permeated the ENTIRE kitchen area!!  She said, that she smelled it, it was totally gross and it was probably something in the fridge. Read the rest of this entry »


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