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Jamba Juice Junky

I have a confession to make… My name is Tanesha and I am a Jamba Juice Junky!  Ever since they introduced Jamba Juice to Houston, I have been a huge fan and would go occasionally as a treat to myself when I could afford it.  I am not a breakfast person and would be less than concerned if we got rid of breakfast all together.  So I have started having bi-weekly Caribbean Passion concoctions; I say concoction because I am allergic to strawberries ( a very crappy food allergy that I didn’t acquire until my early 20’s, along with an allergy to lemons and oats) and substitute the strawberries for pomegranate juice instead.  I have come to love ALL things pomegranate.  My addiction to my smoothies have gotten so bad that when I walk in the store, Nichole greets me by name and repeats my order long before I even open my mouth!  ” Hello Ms. Graham!  You want a Power Caribbean Passion, no strawberries, sub pomegranate and a waffle?”  I just look around shiftily and murmur, “Yes”. 

Am I a little ashamed of my addiction?  Yes, slightly… could I have chosen a worse thing to be addicted to?  Yup I could have!  So instead of cigarettes or any random assortment of vices, I chose the wonderful world of fruit.  There is just something magical to me about the combination of Passionfruit Mango Juice, Orange Sherbert, Peaches, Pomegranate Juice and Ice.  I always feel like one isn’t enough… so one day I got two of them and I was floating for the rest of the day. 

Now this is the perfect way to start my day!

I am a Jamba Juice Junky and this is the best way to start my day!

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole


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Don’t Stand So Close To Me… The Remix

Happy Sunday my Lovelies!

* Steps up to the mic, clears throat*

Excuse me everyone.  Can I have your attention please?

As is the norm on my weekends, I have had yet another encounter with John Q. Public that I have found disturbing and a bit irritating.  So at breakfast yesterday at Frank’s (anyone who has lived in Houston for any amount of time knows about Frank’s!), the new one on Westheimer between Kirkwood and Dairy Ashford, I ordered my usual; sausage and cheese omelet, half grits, half hash browns and biscuits.

Yes, I ordered it!  I was hungry and it was 10:30 am and over 14 hours since I had eaten last, so there!  So when our order came the waitress unceremoniously announced that they ran out of biscuits and asked did I want anything else… Read the rest of this entry »


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Refrigerator Police

You all might recall the blog post last month regarding what I deem to be inappropriate use of certain types of bags in the refrigerator.  Almost a month has passed and I found myself on another miniature tirade of sorts.  I came back from a meeting on another floor well below my own and walked into the kitchen for a nice hot cup of cocoa.  Upon setting foot at the threshold, my nose was assaulted by a most horrific smell.  I honestly think I threw up a little in my mouth it was so bad!!  I looked around so as to confront my attacked like I wasn’t even alone in the kitchen.  “Byler” walks in and I ask her if I am the only one that smells that smell, it was like week old cabbage and feet and it permeated the ENTIRE kitchen area!!  She said, that she smelled it, it was totally gross and it was probably something in the fridge. Read the rest of this entry »


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Hell Naw, I’m Not Eating That!

Good Morning my loveliez!

Everyday is an adventure for me and most days I seriously wonder if I am the only one that some of these random ass things happen to.  Apparently my friend Jordy has some random mess happen to him too, so I don’t feel so alone! (Shout out to @therealJordy) So last night I woke up from a much needed and might I say well deserved nap with a craving for James Coney Island (henceforth referred to has JCI- the only hotdog place in Houston). 

I went to JCI and ordered mini corndogs, chili cheese fries, a large Coke© and apple bites.  While I was waiting at the window watching the kitchen, I saw the manager actually dredged MY apple bites in cinnamon sugar with his bare hands!! He packaged my food, came to the window and had the NERVE to try to give ’em to me!!  I kindly said the following:

Me: Sir, I’m not trying to be rude or difficult, but you can keep the apple bites.  You touched them with your bare hands, no gloves or anything. I’m good.”

Nasty Manager: (Looking dumbfounded) Let me make you another order… (Thinking to myself “Hell naw, I’m good, really! I will chock up the loss of $1.69 + tax. Hmm $1.69 versus possibility of food poisoning, E.Coli or Hep c… I’m not that cheap!”)

Me: No, really I’m good.

What the hell was he thinking?  Don’t get ticked off at me because I question your lack of sanitation procedures and just all around nastiness!! Please forgive and excuse the hell out of me if I don’t want to contract your possible communicable diseases!!

Check your food my lovlies, watch folks and sit near the kitchen if you can! You never know what folks may be doing.

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole



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Oh, So I Can’t Like Corned Beef?

Happy Friday my lovelies!

Today marks one full week of my first blogging experience and I must say it has been quite a ride.  I am so glad, overjoyed even, that you all have taken a liking to my little graham cracker crumbs of life!!  I hope to keep entertaining and enlightening you as the days, weeks, and months roll on.

Today’s adventure ( because everyday is an adventure with me) took me to Kenny & Ziggy’s a delicatessen in The Galleria in Houston, TX.  I had heard fantastic things about it and figured since I was on my own today that I would try it.  So I saunter in ( I am still fighting with knee pain) around 12:45 and you would think that I had a massive third eye in the middle of my forehead the way those folks were looking at me!  I mean seriously, I nearly backed out of the door with my hands up in a non-threatening posture.   Everything about the way I was ogled, said, ” We think you have made a mistake and we will give you about 10 seconds to correct yourself before someone does it for you.” What? I can’t like corned beef, pastrami and dill pickles?  What?  I can’t like cheese blintzes and potato pancakes?  I call BS on that!!  I asked where to-go orders were taken and walked to the counter with no inkling of fear or intimidation on my face or in my walk ( with the exception of the slight limp that is) and ordered.  Even the line worker looked at me in surprise.  Nonetheless, I ordered, got my food, paid, and went back the way I came.

Just because I am who I am and I look how I look, don’t assume that I am not cultured, refined and enjoy foods outside of my ethnic heritage.  This goes beyond food establishments to the greater community, embrace people of all nationalities, ethic groups and creeds because you never know, you may end up blessed in the process.  Now… Let’s Eat!

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole


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So… I bring donuts and that makes me the bad guy?

So today, like most days, I brought Macie breakfast because otherwise she will be eating random things… like summer sausage and crackers or random produce that she pulles out of her purse. Out of the kindness of my dear, sweet little heart ( because I am a bubbly ray of sunshine coated in sweetness) I brought Shipley’s donut holes to share with the floor. For those of you who don’t know what Shipley’s is, it has to be the BEST donut place EVER!  So I send an email to my wonderful coworkers “Byler” and “Tandy” ( I have changed the names to protect the guilty) letting them know that I had brought treats. 

Me: I have donut holes @ my desk

“Byler”: You are evil…..down right evil.

Me: At least I brought holes rather than entire donuts…

“Byler”: Touché…

“Tandy” : Has the foolishness started already! I have already eaten (enough for the entire day).  Thanks though!

I thought my logic was sound, donut holes are smaller and therefore less fattening but still delicious!!  A few minutes after the above exchange, I hobbled ( I am having knee issues) over to their area and joked with “Tandy” about me being admonished for bring donut holes.  She told me that she was too through with my foolishness, ragged on me about my knee brace and sent me on my way, laughing the entire time!  I quipped that I was leaving anyway due to someone assaulting the snack machine, pouting and stomping off for good effect. 

So another day begins filled with laughter, random emails and fake pouting on my part.

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

T. Nicole


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That is not the proper use for that!

Ok, so I have an issue with the improper use of certain things. I am soo tired of opening the refrigerator at work and finding an ocean of shopping bags; Nordstrom’s, Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, etc. Unless you are chilling your panties there is no reason to have a Victoria’s Secret bag in the fridge!! Please, people get a lunch kit. It is improper to carry your keys, pens, work folders and a picture of your cat in a tore up Ralph Lauren bag with a hole in the corner!

That is all, discuss among yourselves!

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole


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