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The weight that comes with the Black experience is laid upon us from birth and added to with every Black and Brown body that is slain, maimed, disrespected and denigrated

It’s an exhausting and crushing weight that oppresses and depresses with no relenting 

Yet we have to power through life trying to be exceptional in a world that tells us that we are nothing and living on borrowed time

Our breath catching, heart pounding whenever the police come into our vicinity 

If we’re stopped we wonder as the officer walks up to the window if this will be the last thing that we see on this side of Glory 

We try to remain calm, as we’ve been taught, knowing that the power of life and death is solely in their hands…

And they know it, they relish in it, just like the slave patrols of the not so distant past

Yet again we find ourselves outraged and mourning for yet another Black body slain, Daunte Wright.
I am so sick and tired… my heart bleeds and weeps. Just as the wounds begin to knit themselves together in an effort to heal, they are ripped open again, gaping and raw. The lies that are used every time to justify and/or nullify a LEO’s culpability are stale and of no comfort. 

“I thought it was my taser”

“I thought it was my apartment”

“I feared for my life/safety”

“I thought I saw him/her with a gun”

“They had expired tags”

“They had an active warrant”

C’mon! It’s all fallacies, fairy tales and lies to negate themselves of culpability. Full Stop. No “but”, “however”, “yet” to follow. Full stop, just like the last breath of our murdered brothers and sisters. I woke up with “Welcome To The Colored Section” by Donnie in my spirit, exhausted, overwrought and wondering if this will ever NOT be the case.

Stay Safe Beloveds



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