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So That’s Why Silent Mode Exist…

Happy Monday my Lovelies!!

It has been a couple of weeks since All Star Weekend and I haven’t had the time to post anything, even though there is tons for me to talk about.  Today in the life of me I had to be my own Public Service Announcement, so y’all this one is directed at me as well… sigh ( LMBO) Read the rest of this entry »


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You Are Not at Home

Happy Frisky Friday ya’ll! 

   I don’t think I have ever been happier to see a Friday than I am today!  It has been a hell of a week; I’m exhausted, worn out and in desperate need of a vacation.  But one thing I was taught by my very gracious and beautiful mother is that my exterior will never look like my interior feels.  No day will you ever see me looking tore down, raggly or frumpish.  Even to go to the grocery store I will be attired properly, comfortable and casual but presentable.  You will not see me with my hair tied up, a do-rag on, stains on my clothes or walking around wrinkled; it just WON’T happen.  I am not trying to blast those that do go out looking…well, what is the word that I am looking for…slouchish.  (Yea, that word will suffice.)  I’m just saying that I  won’t go out that way; don’t get me wrong you will and can find me in a pair of yoga pants, a tank and a ponytail at the local Kroger’s.  I don’t put on a ball gown and the crown jewels to grocery shop; I just feel that you should take some pride in how you look, no vanity intended nor implied. 

     That being said, today’s Grinds My Gears” segment has to do with just this topic.  I am all for bumming around the house and being comfortable, but a time should come where when you step outside of your house that you look put together.  Case and point, casual Friday at the office is a prime example.  Although it is casual Friday in the workplace, that does not mean that you need to walk into the office looking like you are getting ready to mow the lawn!  Tennis shoes are fine, if your dress code allows such; just don’t let them be the ones that you go and play softball in or that the ones you use when you go for a run on the local neighborhood trail.  At least have the dignity to wipe the dirt and grime off of them!  Men, casual Friday does not mean you come to work looking like you have 2 days worth of 5 o’clock shadow, haven’t attempted to do something to the hair on your head and wearing a “wrankled” ( 10x worse than wrinkled) polo or Tommy Bahama shirt!  NO, NO, NO!  It is my opinion that casual Friday has been taken advantage of and people tend to make it a day where they could care less about what they look like.  Casual Friday is not the day for you to break out you soccer slides and the remnants of the bottom of your dresser drawers or questionable attire that is better suited for washing the car and vegging on the couch.  I promise I think I saw someone in the lobby wearing those pajama jeans that you see on TV… that is a No-No! 

     I have said it before and it bears repeating, the mirror is your friend!  Use it, love it, embrace it, befriend it; the mirror won’t lie to you, it will be the realist friend you will ever have.  Be a fashion innovator… not a victim.

Casual Friday Gone Wrong
THE OFFICE — “Casual Friday” Episode 526 — NBC Photo: Chris Haston

Blessings and Happiness 

T. Nicole


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Random Summer Fashion Faux Pas… The Office Edition

     Here in Houston the summer is upon us with daily temperatures in the mid 90s and humidity at nearly 100%.  It is so hot every summer that most of us don’t even complain anymore when we look at our car dashboards at 8:00 am and see that it reads over 80 degrees!  With the sweltering summer heat comes the lighter colored clothing, sleeveless shirts and open toed shoes.  All of these are great and when worn properly are a respite from the heat.  However there are some “rules” that need to be imparted at the office when summer attire comes around.

1) If you are going to wear light-colored shirts and/or pants (tan, beige- no that is not the same color as tan, off-white, white, etc) please wear the correct undergarments.  Wearing a pink or blue bra under a white shirt means that the entire office knows what color and style of bra you are wearing; and NO ONE will tell you that they can see it; they will snicker and talk about you in private.  Just sayin…

2) If you are going to wear linen, please see #1.  Also know that linen is notorious for wrinkling, go with extra heavy starch and steam as well.  It shouldn’t look like the Wrinkle Monster took your cloths, balled them up, threw them at you saying, “Roar! Go to work!” 

3) If you are going to wear open-toed shoes please get a pedicure!  Now, I shouldn’t have to say this ladies; you should be getting pedicures on a regular basis.  Not only does it give you pretty feet, it also serves as a time for relaxation and a place where your husband/boyfriend/children would not dare to venture.  Me personally, I go every two weeks.  Stop letting your nail polish chip and flake off and then wear Jesus sandals to work.  Your toenails shouldn’t be so long that when you walk on the kitchen/break room floor that we hear clicking! Nor should they look like they would slice up your sheets. Not a cute look! 

4) If you wear open toed shoes, please lotion your feet.  Your feet shouldn’t look like you have been kicking flour or been on a barefooted pilgrimage through a quartz mine.

5) Short shirts that show all kinds of stuff when you bend over to get a file out of the drawer….No.  *insert blank stare* 

6) Low cut shirts that have you damn near falling out of them when you reach across your desk…No. *insert blank stare*

6) Short dresses or skirts that stop right below your behind or a few inches below it…Just a flat out no.  Just because you put a sweater on over it does not make it work appropriate.  Think again!

     I could go on and on but I think ya’ll get the point.  If you are offended or upset by anything I have written above, then more than likely some of these refer to you.  Just say “Ouch”.  I am not saying that I always get it right, but I can NEVER be accused of any of these fashion faux pas!  I am just trying to help, please know that your coworkers do talk about you if you do any of these.  Remember the mirror is your friend.  If you think something may be questionable or you aren’t quite sure, dial a friend and ask their opinion.  If one is not available and you have doubts… change clothes!  Be a fashion innovator, not a victim.

I am not afraid to give these out and carry them with me!

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole


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That Is So Not Where I Thought That Converstation Would Go…

Happy Friday my Lovelies!!

I don’t think I have been looking forward to a Friday like this since like… forever it would seem!  I was nice today and brought donuts (cake donuts this time) to the office, mostly because I felt the need to do something that would make me happy. It also fulfilled my craving for sugar, so there was a dual purpose.  Nonetheless, Macie and I were chatting via IM, as usual of course, and we got on the subject of our work email names.  From that it went so far left that I can barely believe we were talking about emails at first. Below is a transcription of our chat: Read the rest of this entry »


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One Heck of a Week So Far

Happy Hump Day my Lovelies!

Friday was a very lonely work day for me because my partners in crime, Luis and Macie, were both out of the office and so to say the least the day eked by quite slowly.  So I was looking forward to Monday when everything was going to be back to normal; not so much!  Macie was dragging because she was worn out from a long weekend with her family and I had an early morning meeting (which ended up being a pissing contest between me and my former boss… I was the victor!).  But true to form, Sauceboxx a.k.a. Heinz 57 was back!  I said something to her, very innocuous and innocent in nature, and she replied, not even looking at me, “Big Whoop!  You want to fight about it?”  Glad to have her back!

Yesterday we were in configuration meetings from 10-2 and 2-4 and bored to tears and hungry (this is why there wasn’t a post for yesterday… so sorry my dears, I will do better).  I had just come from the Orthopedist earlier that morning and was issued a new knee brace until my surgery in June (more to come on that later).  I was shuffling around the training room we were in  ( I use shuffling for the lack of a better term and to accurately describe my gait- Think of the old Jewish guy from The Simpsons© that sang “Old Grey Mare” ) and the tie came off of my jumper I was wearing.  I was shuffling back to my seat and said, “Oh no, my cloths came off!” and Macie damn near fell out of her seat laughing at me!  She said that she couldn’t wait to see me as an old lady, creeping around and my cloths falling off at random.  Very Heinz 57 type behavior! 

So here’s to long, boring meetings, stale coffee, late lunches and clothes coming off at random around the office!

A.K.A Macie!

  My obsure Simpsons reference!


Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole


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I cannot take you seriously with an email address like that!

I work in Human Resources, I have for the last 7 years.  I am a Sr. Generalist/Recruiter and everything in between.  I am Mom, Sister, Therapist, Physician, Task Master and I love every minute of it!  In saying that I see all kinds of things, adults, grown-a$@ people throwing temper tantrums, throwing things at each other, cussing ( not cursing but cussing) each other out and saying the most asinine things imaginable during the interview process.

Read the rest of this entry »


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So… I bring donuts and that makes me the bad guy?

So today, like most days, I brought Macie breakfast because otherwise she will be eating random things… like summer sausage and crackers or random produce that she pulles out of her purse. Out of the kindness of my dear, sweet little heart ( because I am a bubbly ray of sunshine coated in sweetness) I brought Shipley’s donut holes to share with the floor. For those of you who don’t know what Shipley’s is, it has to be the BEST donut place EVER!  So I send an email to my wonderful coworkers “Byler” and “Tandy” ( I have changed the names to protect the guilty) letting them know that I had brought treats. 

Me: I have donut holes @ my desk

“Byler”: You are evil…..down right evil.

Me: At least I brought holes rather than entire donuts…

“Byler”: Touché…

“Tandy” : Has the foolishness started already! I have already eaten (enough for the entire day).  Thanks though!

I thought my logic was sound, donut holes are smaller and therefore less fattening but still delicious!!  A few minutes after the above exchange, I hobbled ( I am having knee issues) over to their area and joked with “Tandy” about me being admonished for bring donut holes.  She told me that she was too through with my foolishness, ragged on me about my knee brace and sent me on my way, laughing the entire time!  I quipped that I was leaving anyway due to someone assaulting the snack machine, pouting and stomping off for good effect. 

So another day begins filled with laughter, random emails and fake pouting on my part.

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

T. Nicole


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Making Work A Little More Fun

Happy Tuesday My Lovelies!

We all know that we spend an asinine amount of time at work, more than we spend with our loved ones.  And in doing so at times we can become intertwined in our co-worker’s lives, we share stories, meals, break times and birthday cake.  I have an “office” mate ( We live in cubicles across from each other) and her name is Macie, Mace for short and if she likes you.  She has to be the cutest and most hilarious person I have ever worked with.  She has this naivety about life at times and Googles EVERYTHING!  One day it was raining baby zoo animals outside and I sent an email, while driving ( Yes, I know, don’t even start with me ) stating the following:


Good Morning All,

I am slowly making my way in, my neighborhood and quite a few side streets here in West Houston are flooding.  Don’t worry, even if I have to turn my car into a pontoon boat I will be in! 🙂


*googling: pontoon boat*

We are from the South, everyone in the South knows what a pontoon boat is, or so I thought anyway.  We had a huge laugh over it and just added to the list of things that she Googles, like hooptie. ( No folks, she had no idea what a hooptie was)  Yet even though she has a funny side, her nickname yesterday was “Heinz 57″ because she was being quite saucy.  I mentioned off handily as I was walking away from my desk that I had a headache, she quipped ” You are a headache!”  I nearly got whiplash spinning around and called her “Sauceboxx”!  She just giggled and said she was in a mood.

With so much time spent away from home we are lucky, blessed even, to find people that make work life a little easier to bear.  Here’s to everyday being an adventure and never quite knowing what Macie will Google next…

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole

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A Cure For What Ails You

So, my day started off just down right crappy, as you all can tell from my first tweet of the day.  As I trudged through my day, trying not to be downright depressed, my co-workers made me laugh from a place that I thought I had long forgot.  I can honestly say that the ladies that I work with are a group unlike any other!  They are hilariously funny, supportive and we keep each other from going crazy on everyone else.  To my ladies in HR, and you know who you are, my first drink at happy hour this week will be raised to you!




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That is not the proper use for that!

Ok, so I have an issue with the improper use of certain things. I am soo tired of opening the refrigerator at work and finding an ocean of shopping bags; Nordstrom’s, Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, etc. Unless you are chilling your panties there is no reason to have a Victoria’s Secret bag in the fridge!! Please, people get a lunch kit. It is improper to carry your keys, pens, work folders and a picture of your cat in a tore up Ralph Lauren bag with a hole in the corner!

That is all, discuss among yourselves!

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole


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