A Little About Me

I am just a Nobody, trying to tell Everybody about Somebody, who can save Anybody.  I do my best to keep my opinions to myself unless I am directly asked.  This is in an effort to ensure that I don’t inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings or assault someone’s sense of self-worth, dignity or intelligence.  That is not to say that I have all the answers, that I am always right, that I have illusions grandeur or think I am prophetic in some way.  I say this humbly that being insightful and/or wise is never really been my intention, I call it like I see it!

Writing is always been a gift for me, even from a very early age, it comes to me with ease and I take great joy in it and find fulfillment and a cathartic release from it.

I hope you enjoy these graham cracker crumbs, little tidbits about life, love and everything in between!!

T. Nicole


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