Who Says You Can’t Afford It?

09 Feb

Hey there bling lovers!! It’s the beginning of another wonderful week of February and I must say that it is fairly warm here in Houston, unlike the rest of the country. It’s a breezy and sunny 61 degrees with a high of 81 today! It’s perfect for doing some photography work on my upcoming Safari Collection.

I won’t lie and say that pouring my heart and soul into this venture, this dream and passion of mine, hasn’t been difficult and frustrating. I at times sit for an entire day in my studio, barely leaving to attend to anything else, including eating and other vital functions, and design and create. And after hours bent over my workspace, hands cramped from beading, back in knots from being in one position for too long, eyes gritty and burning from fatigue, I see very little ROI (Return on Investment). I begin to wonder if what I’m doing is worth the discomfort and seemingly lack of forward progress. Can I afford to keep going at this pace? Can I ill afford to fail after thousands of dollars have been invested in this over the last several years? Can I afford not to keep moving and gaining momentum inch by hard earned inch?

All this is rolling through my mind as I sit back in my chair. Looking around the room I realize how incredibly blessed I am to be afforded even the opportunity to do what it is that I LOVE!! I remember that nothing worth having comes easy and that diligence, steadfastness and faith will get me to, not only where I want to be, but to heights that I never even thought were attainable.

With that I go back to the studio, back to work, back to honing my craft and learning new skills. Who says I can’t afford it?

T. Nicole


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