Ignorance Is In Bloom

25 May

Spring has sprung and ignorance is in the air infecting everyone in its vicinity. Like pollen triggers watery eyes, sneezing and an overall miserable state, I don’t know what it is about when winter withdraws, the weather heats up, and southern breezes blow that people start to act like they don’t have the sense that God gave a doorknob.

I hypothesize that in the fall and winter some of the most ostentatious of people’s ignorant behavior lies dormant, frozen just under the surface. Oh, but when spring creeps in, the cold chill turns to cool breezes, and early morning dew on the grass, ignorance begins to thaw and shows itself in ways that few have ever seen. I see some of the most random of outfits that make me wonder if some of these people own mirrors. How are you going to wear shorts so short that the pockets are longer than the jean material itself? With spring comes bright and colorful makeup, which I have no problem with; except when you look like Rainbow Bright and like someone hit you in the face with a bag of Skittles. People are oblivious to their effect on others. In the wintry months we hold doors open for each other, ushering each other into the warmth of the indoors. Spring comes and folks are quick to open a door for themselves but let it slam close in your face. And all I can do is shake my head and laugh and the ignorance of it all.

Why does the changing of the seasons change your personality? Why does the putting away of pea coats, scarves and sweaters, and the resurrection of tank tops, flip flops and capris usher in a lack of forethought, manners and decency? I don’t get it, I REALLY don’t get it!! So be on notice babies that your ignorance is showing. Tuck it back in, nobody wants to see all of that! Just know that if you show your ignorance to me, I am obliged to educate you so that you will no longer be ignorant. What kind of friend would I be if I let you walk around with your “who-done-it-and-what-for” hanging out? 😝


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