Respect My Authoritah!!

13 Apr

It’s time for yet another Public Service Announcement commingled with a Grinds My Gears segment.

*sashaying on stage, confident and classy as always and taps mic*

May I have your undivided attention please? While I am usually easygoing, and let things slide, I am short of patience when it comes to ignorance and idiocy. I am remiss to let some things pass.

At last I checked I am grown. Being 18 or over doesn’t qualify one as being “grown”. Being over the age of majority, fiscally responsible for bills, knowing what your credit score is (whether it is good, bad or non-existent is of no nevermind) and having been through some sh*% is what qualifies you as “grown”.

That has given me certain privileges and earned me a certain level of respect. So it is an irritant to me when folks, anyone other than my parents, attempt to dictate to me what to say/do/be/act. “Tanesha you need to be… Tanesha you need to do… Tanesha you will sit here… Tanesha you need to wear…” Who do you think you are? Did the queen die and you ascended to the throne to be the governing body for us all?

I know how to govern myself in public, I know how to dress with dignity, class and self-respect. I am who I am, I’m imperfectly perfect and have no need of your “assistance/guidance”. When I make a decision don’t second guess me or tell me, “You need to/should have”. Respect my decisions as they are mine to make. As Eric Cartman says, “respect my authoritah”!! The next time you make attempt to undercut me I will tell you with no lack of contempt to “Respect My Authoritah” and might tell you where you can get off.

*kicks mic stand down, yells “Respect My Authoritah”, checks for audience comprehension and exits stage left*



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