Clothing Optional

31 Jan

Happy Friday my lovelies!

I’ve had my head down working and writing for the last couple of weeks and have neglected my blogging duties. Despite that I have been occasionally browsing through my social media feeds and something caught my eye today that irritated me to no end. Therefore it’s time for a “Grinds My Gears segment.

It grinds my gears that people try to subject me to their antiquated backwoods Baptist “rules and regulations”. If one more old-school Baptist woman has a rolling eye, whispered insult, commentary or veiled insult when it comes to my wardrobe, I am going to raise a Baptist finger, pull out my bible and tell them publicly what I think privately. Since when did my clothes have any bearing on my content? When did it become the standard that I am to dress as they see fit and prescribe to their definition of “proper”? One thing that I pride myself on is that I am ALWAYS decent and in order. You’ll never find me with anything spilling over, hanging out, bulging past or peeking out from underneath any garment I wear. Every part of me is in it’s proper place. Some days I may wear a maxi dress (one of my favs because it can cover a multitude of sins), other days slacks and blouse, and others boot cut jeans or khakis and a blazer.

What I wear doesn’t define who I am, where I’m going or what I’m destined to do. What I have on does not affect my interaction with, praise to or glorifying of God. Clothing is optional. God could care less about my raiment. He could care less about how my body is clothed but is more concerned with my heart and if I clothe myself in humility, love and righteousness.

So step off! If I decide to walk in the building in ripped jeans, a fitted white tee, platform heels and more bling than Zsa Zsa Gabor don’t you dare look at me like I don’t belong as I walk to the alter for prayer!

And that’s what grinds my gears


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