A Fashion Request PSA

17 Apr

You all know how I ADORE fashion and accessories and the like.  I love Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Rachel Roy, Rachel Zoe and a multitude of others.  You can catch me on any given day in a flowing Grecian-inspired maxi dress or figure-hugging jeans and fitted tee, a vintage romper (I love vintage looks), I am always making a concerted effort to look and feel my best.   Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a brand hog nor do I only wear designer labels.  I am a fan of Wish, Langford Heights, and other small boutique shops around Houston and I am huge proponent of not having to spend a lot to look jaw-droppingly awesome.  What do I call it? “Ballin’ on a Budget” I don’t go broke buying clothes and shoes or accessories; the great thing is that all of my accessories with a few exceptions are my own creations.  If I want something in particular and I don’t have it… I make it, simple as that!

That being said, it is heating up here in Houston, temps in the mid 80’s, humidity upwards of 70% and when that happens the cloths become scant and those with inappropriate or questionable taste begin exposing the rest of us to their lack of common sense when it comes to getting dressed.  So in an effort to assist these people who are fashion challenged, here are a few rules, nay guidelines that you might want to take into account when standing in your closet:

1)  Wearing wrinkled clothing is not a good look.  If you don’t own an iron this is the time to get one!  It is not hot, sexy or any other positive word, to walk out of your house looking like the Wrinkle Monster has attacked you and kicked you out the front door.  Throwing your clothes in the dryer and thinking that will suffice is not an option.

2)  If you plan on wearing linen please wear the appropriate underwear… no explanation warranted or to be given, just do it!

3)  Looking like a broke college student, even if you are one, is not acceptable y’all!!  I know it is easy to tell yourself that you are more focused on your studies than looking good or that you are just going around the corner to the store but you are delusional.

4)  Ladies, if you are going to wear a maxi dress see number 2.

5)  If you have to look at yourself from behind in the mirror to see if your cheeks are peeking out from your shorts… they are too short.  They are shorts not panties.

6)  If EVER you have doubts about what you have on… change your outfit!

7)  Just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it… that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

8) It is NEVER a bother to phone a friend, sister, girlfriend or any of the like to ask their opinion.  However, if you are fashion challenged, please be sure that the person that you are asking for assistance has better fashion tastes that you.  Otherwise you may both be out in public looking like Boo-Boo the Fool.

The mirror is your friend; use it, consult it, and embrace it as your nearest and dearest.  As you all know, I carry these and have given them out (only to friends and in jest of course…)

I am not afraid to give these out and carry them with me!

I am not afraid to give these out and carry them with me!

Be a fashion innovator my Lovelies, not a fashion victim.

T. Nicole


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