Soulful Thursday

04 Apr

Happy 2nd to last day of the work week my Lovelies!!

So as you already know I get into these weird moods and can post some of anything and anytime.  I am a lover of music, all genres of music with exception of a few, and am really good about sharing that with just about everyone who will listen.  My iPhone has everything from Fred Hammond to Nikka Costa to J. Cole to AWOLNATION and I embrace the eclectic nature of my music taste.  I was feeling particularly nostalgic and bluesy yesterday on my way home and cranked my Pandora Classic R&B and Soul stations alternatively for the long, traffic snarled drive to West Houston.  I’m not sure what got a hold of me but everything in me wanted to go back to that place of my youth when my mom and dad used to crank the stereo up on a Saturday morning, windows open and we all danced and sang while cleaning the house.  It was there that my love of harmonies, melodies, flats, naturals and sharps was accepted, encouraged and honed.

I’ve always said that I am an old soul, as the wisdom and spiritual maturity I have been told I display far exceeds my chronological years.  I love The Isley Brothers, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Bill Withers, Al Green, The ChiLites, The Stylistics, The Ohio Players, Parliament, The Gap Band among countless others.  Don’t get me wrong, I love current artists as well, Mint Condition, Miguel, AWOLNATION, Muse and various others.  But I always drift back to the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and forward when I need to hear music that touches a part of me rarely, if ever, seen or experienced by any other human being.  That being said, I present to you for enjoyment, Soulful Thursday!

Blessings and Happiness Always

T. Nicole


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