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Salacious Sunday

Happy Sunday my Lovelies!

I have been in rare form these past couple of weeks and see no reason why today should be any different.  I have been scandalously naughty and still need to post “Stuff I Got In Trouble for Saying This Week- The Travel Edition” from my road trip to Louisiana this past week.  But in keeping with my salacious and jovial mood I give you The Harlem Shake!!

Y’all know how much I ADORE Jo Koy so I just had to include his Harlem Shake skit! Enjoy and make your own Harlem Shake moment.

Harlem Shake Compilation

Jo Koy – Harlem Shake Skit

Blessings and Happiness Always

T. Nicole


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Yea, I Said It!

Happy Friday my Lovelies!!

You have NO idea how happy I am that it is Friday!  This week has been an absolute beast and I am ready to enjoy my own personal happy hour and work on jewelry for my showing tomorrow.  So, today is the inception of the newest weekly blog installment, “Stuff I Got In Trouble for Saying/Doing This Week”.  You all know that I am random, unfiltered and honest, almost to a fault.  I don’t try to be funny or witty; it just comes out that way sometimes.  So for the week of April 15th here is what I have gotten in trouble for saying/doing:

Me: You are so positive; I don’t know how you do it.

Mom: I am learning to see the glass as half full rather than half empty.

Me: Is it bad that I see the glass as just as glass?

Mom: *insert raised eyebrow*


Me: What’s for lunch?

Them: Portuguese food

Me: Portuguese food?  WTH?  People say,” Hey, let’s try that new Chinese place”, “Hey, let’s try that new Mediterranean place.”, “Hey, let’s try that new Italian place.”  No one says, “Hey, let’s try that new Portuguese place.”  Hell, the Portuguese don’t even say that!  You know what they say?  “Hey, let’s go over to Spain for lunch.”


  • I know they drug tested you for work but did they bother to test your IQ?
  • Who lied to you and told you that was cute?
  • Somebody in this church has my phone!  I will fight you and keep my sanctity… you’re on notice


Me: No sissy, you don’t have to, especially out of obligation to me (Talking about my showing on Saturday)

Sissy:  Nope. I want to support you. I have spoken.

Me:  You have spoken?  You can’t pull rank on me!!

Sissy: Yea I can!

Me: Like hell!!!  Who telegraphed the Queen and told her YOU ascended to the throne?!  ROTFLMAO

Sissy:  Don’t use that on me!

Me: Too late!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Sissy:  -_- Giving you the stink eye

Me: Me doing the Stanky Leg

So there you have it my Lovelies, trust that I said and did a whole lot more but I can’t put it all down in one posting!!

For your Friday video viewing pleasure and for all my old heads, I present to you, “Just Got Paid” by Johnny Kemp!!

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole


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A Fashion Request PSA

You all know how I ADORE fashion and accessories and the like.  I love Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Rachel Roy, Rachel Zoe and a multitude of others.  You can catch me on any given day in a flowing Grecian-inspired maxi dress or figure-hugging jeans and fitted tee, a vintage romper (I love vintage looks), I am always making a concerted effort to look and feel my best.   Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a brand hog nor do I only wear designer labels.  I am a fan of Wish, Langford Heights, and other small boutique shops around Houston and I am huge proponent of not having to spend a lot to look jaw-droppingly awesome.  What do I call it? “Ballin’ on a Budget” I don’t go broke buying clothes and shoes or accessories; the great thing is that all of my accessories with a few exceptions are my own creations.  If I want something in particular and I don’t have it… I make it, simple as that! Read the rest of this entry »


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Happy 1 Year Blog Anniversary To ME!!!!

Happy Hump Day my Lovelies!!

We are at the half way mark of the week and this week marks the one year anniversary of when I began this blog!!  I’m overjoyed and really proud of the work that I have done so far.  It is my sincere hope and wish that you all get as much of this blog as I do putting into it.  So, in honor of my one year anniversary, this Friday I will introduce a new weekly installment post entitled, “Stuff I Got In Trouble for Saying/Doing This Week”.  It would seem that I am constantly getting in “trouble” (my definition of trouble is someone laughing and saying I am wrong for a  particular comment or deed) for something I have said or done, all of which is laughable and quite true most of the time.  I’m just my random, unfiltered self.

As a teaser, this is the a synopsis of a text convo between me and my mom last night:

Me: You are so positive, I don’t know how you do it.

Mom: I am learning to see the glass as half full rather than half empty.

Me: Is it bad that I see the glass as just as glass?

Mom: *insert raised eyebrow*

I will also start adding my randomness via Vine so make sure you are following my Twitter feed!!

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole

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Shake A Tail Feather

Happy Friday my Lovelies!

Today’s blog will be a quick one.  I have had the most stressful 2 weeks of my career in a long time and I needed something go relieve the stress.  An afternoon of office putt putt golf went a long way towards lightening my mood and music will do the rest!  Once upon a time, many moons ago me and my girls would go out on Fridays to Max’s and dance into the night. Now as homage to my dancing days (soon to be revived) dance until you sweat!!



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Soulful Thursday

Happy 2nd to last day of the work week my Lovelies!!

So as you already know I get into these weird moods and can post some of anything and anytime.  I am a lover of music, all genres of music with exception of a few, and am really good about sharing that with just about everyone who will listen.  My iPhone has everything from Fred Hammond to Nikka Costa to J. Cole to AWOLNATION and I embrace the eclectic nature of my music taste. Read the rest of this entry »


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You Filthy-McNasty!!

Happy Tuesday My Lovelies!!

I have been absent, as seems to be my modus oporandi here lately, as life has swept me up and dropped me far, far from where I originally started.  As I come up on the 1 year anniversary of starting this blog I feel the innate need to give you another “Grinds My Gears” segment.  So here goes:

Anyone with a job, anyone who works in Corporate America or in any office for that matter, will tell you that there is always some inane chit chat going around the cube farm about who does and doesn’t wash their hands after using the restroom.   There is always some commentary about certain people’s personal hygiene or lack there of.  Personally, I stay far, far away from office gossip, pandering and bs; I could probably care less about Bob, Becky or Jenny’s failure to wash their hands, as long as they aren’t touching anything on my desk and I avoid all food from those with “questionable” hygiene practices. Read the rest of this entry »


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