I’m Too Through…

08 Mar

Happy Friday My Lovelies!!

It has been a really rough week for me, my days have all blurred together, I’m physically exhausted and mentally running on empty right now. Between the breakthrough pain from RA, Spondyloarthritis, and my herniated L4-L5-SI discs and the opioid withdrawal from the morphine I take for pain management I’m too through y’all!!  It is hard enough dealing with things as they come but the anticipation of knowing what is coming is even harder.  Knowing that breakthrough pain and opioid withdrawal is coming within a matter of hours and knowing what kind of extreme torment will follow is enough to make you sick all by itself.   I am at the end of a VERY short rope… but the good news is that there is a safety net should I decide to let go.  Nonetheless I am here and in desperate need of a pick-me-up in order to push me through my day.   I was driving home on Tuesday and was in a very dark place that I was having a hard time seeing my way out of.  So as I rehearsed in my car for an upcoming church choir solo this song by @VaShawnMitchell came across my YouTube recommendations.  When I tell you that this ministered to me in every way that I needed, I was in the car praising God for all that He is and knowing that things are turning around for me.  VaShawn if you ever read this know that your ministering spirit is exactly what I needed to turn the corner in a very dark situation.  *Getting all teary-eyed*  If you aren’t following him on Twitter please do so!!

OK, no more tears!!  My sissy sends me all kinds of YouTube videos to cheer me up and this one from ThePlaymakers1 cracked me up… I am sooo guilty of saying some of these to either my stepson, little cousins or whomever is in my care at any particular time.  Make sure to support them and like their YouTube videos!


Blessings and Happiness my darlings!

T. Nicole


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