So That’s Why Silent Mode Exist…

04 Mar

Happy Monday my Lovelies!!

It has been a couple of weeks since All Star Weekend and I haven’t had the time to post anything, even though there is tons for me to talk about.  Today in the life of me I had to be my own Public Service Announcement, so y’all this one is directed at me as well… sigh ( LMBO)

*Steps up to mic and clears throat*

Attention please, we would like to get started.  I would like to thank everyone for attending this Public Service Announcement and for your kind attention.

For those of you who have regular 9-5 corporate jobs, work in cubicle farms, wear khakis at least once a week and look forward to Casual Friday… Please remember that your phone has a “Silent” mode for a reason.  I will admit that this morning I came into the office early, placed my laptop on the docking station, set my things down and went to my co-worker’s office for our normal beginning of the week chat.  While I was there talking to him, Macie, my next door cube neighbor, comes in the office and says, “Tanesha… I think your phone is singing the gospel…” with quite a confused and hilarious look on her face.  I was about to tell her that I think she hadn’t had enough sleep until I remembered that I customized my alarm with a song from my playlist, “Go Go Gadget Gospel” by Gnarles Barkley. (Made famous by the Boondocks “Hunger Strike” episode w/ Rev. Rollo Goodlove)  I hurried to my desk and pulled my phone out of my bag as it blared “I’m free… come and see… nah nah nah nah nah nah nah…”

Needless to say I was completely and utterly embarrassed as I placed my phone on silent, praying the entire HR floor didn’t hear it.  Mind you I know better, it was 8:30 on a Monday morning so of course they did!!  I laughed to myself for forgetting and shrugged it off.  This my dear  people is why silent mode exist; to prevent you from making an azz of yourself in public and evermore so at work.

Please go forth to all that you know and remind them of the goodness of silent mode.  For your entertainment pleasure, I present to you, “Go Go Gadget Gospel” by Gnarles Barkley.  Mind you, there is some butt shaking in this video but wait it out and it will be worth it!!


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