All Star Weekend In Houston – Come get your folks!

17 Feb

Hello my Lovelies!

I am so busy and/or not feeling well that I haven’t had a regular blog schedule and I really, really want to get back to where I was a year ago. Pray for me y’all!!

*Taps mic and clears throat*

Excuse me everyone. I would like to thank all of you for attending this Public Service Announcment. It is All Star Weekend here in Houston and the city is swelling and bursting at the seams with celebrities, musicians, pro athletes and hangers-on.

If you have looked around your city and found that your favorite stripper is not at work and the “D-Squad” is working -stab wounds, bullet holes and stretch marks bereft ; if the broads that are normally on the stroll on your city streets are MIA ; if the gurls that are normally in the club ignoring you, looking for the ballas who will buy them Gucci, Louis V, Pucci and the like are otherwise absent… I have found them! They are here in Houston hawking their wares and otherwise harassing us Houstonians! Every skeezer, scab, hoochie, scandalous stunt and stripper who could make it to Houston is here! Heck, they just might have carpooled! Therefore, please come get your people. We have more then enough questionable women of our own here to meet the demands. Please instruct them to save their money and stay put. None of the folks that they are trying to get their manicured nails into want ANYTHING to do with them. They, like the rest of us, can see and smell a skeezer within a 5 mile radius.

Come get your folks!!


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