Think About It

11 Dec

Hello my Lovelies!!!  I had to take a sabbatical from just about everything due to a lung infection and subsequent asthma exacerbation.  I am feeling and doing much better but still have several weeks of recovery ahead of me.  I want to publicly thank my friends and family for their love and support during a time which was extremely difficult.
Now that piece is taken care there is something they had been bothering me. Driving to work this morning I was confronted with a bumper sticker and literally sighed a sigh of discontentment.  The sticker said “Secede”, was on the back window of a ratty, moth-eaten truck and was said truck was being driven by an older White gentleman.  This radical people both perturb and tickle me.  They talk all this mess because their candidate didn’t win the election.  They literally want their governor to remove their respective state from the US… if they succeed in their bid for succession, great, let’s talk!!!  These radicals want to pull away from the national government not thinking that the roads we drive on see are built and maintained by federal funds… the Corn Flakes you at this morning came from corn farms in hd US that receive government subsidies.  You mail packages the  The United States Postal Service and Freddie Mac owns the deed to your house!!

So,  please, please tell me what you plan on driving on, what you plan on eating and where and how you are going to live.  I am interested to know how the “Successionist” plan om surviving without the assistance from good ol’ dad.  I will say this and then get off my soapbox, if you can’t play on the sandbox with the bigger boys of politics without whinning, pouting then you need to stay your spoiled behind on the front stoop!!

I’m off my soapbox now… where’s my Gatorade?


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