So Much To Do…

18 Nov

Happy Sunday Evening my Lovelies!!!

It has been ages since I have had even a piece of a free moment to do anything but breathe. That is no excuse for abandoning you and for that I sincerely apologize. (Insert me bowing humbly in gratitude). So much is going on in the life that I call my own that I hardly know where to start..

Let’s see… First and most importantly I am growing spiritually at a time in my life when I think it is most needed. Everything around me is caught in this cyclone of chaos and cacophony that makes you want to cower in a corner and cover your ears until it all goes away. But I don’t feel or do any of that. It is almost as if I am cacooned. The turmoil swells around me, ebbing and flowing like the tide, yet I am unmoving, peaceful and at ease. People carry on, yelling, stressing, plotting and scheming, all the while I am standing on the step that God has placed me on. I patiently wait until He orders me to move to the next step and am content in the space that I am in and what is in it with me.

With that my faithfulness and obedience is rewarded and He increases my territory. I have started my own design house, creating jewelry accessories that incorporate the use of natural gemstones and Swavorski crystals. I took something I am obsessive about, something that has given me joy and put a smile on my face since I was a kid, and turned it into a creative outlet and marketable business. So I guess that is number two on my list, T. Nicole Designs’ website will debut at midnight on “Black Friday” with a special debut offer for the first 30 orders placed.

There is more to come my Lovelies, I feel as if I am on the brink of something really incredible. I am going to close my eyes, have the faith the size of a mustard seed and jump into His hands.

Blessings and Happiness Always


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