An Exercise In Introspection

06 Oct

Hey my Lovelies!!

I have abandoned you in the last few weeks because work has been handing me my ass so much that I have more in the front than I do in back right now!!  Life has brought many changes for me in the last couple of weeks, all of which I want go share with you.

• As of October 1st I am officially an employee (in a senior position)  at the company that I have been working contract for since the beginning of the year!  This means benefits, replenishing my non-exsistant 401(k) and getting a house!

• We rescued a 15 week old puppy from underneath a truck at church last Sunday and named her Lola!

• I am working on building an empire and intend to give birth to greatness.  I am:

•Revamping Graham HR Consultancy‘s website

•Building the website for my baking business, T. Nicole’s Brown Sugar Creations, just in time for the holidays. We offer a variety of baked goods and have alrered our recipies to suit those who have to control their sugar intake.

•Starting my own jewelry design house, T. Nicole Designs, which will feature designs made with genuine natural gemstones, occasional  high end simulants and only the best of craftsmanship.

•Working on two (2) books. One is inspirational and autobiographical and the other is humorous, light and encompasses everyday professional life.

I have found what i am passionate about, what brings me joy and all I really want to do is share it with others.  Life is nothing if not an experiment in thinking on your toes, not getting knocked down by every strong gust of opposition that blows into town and adjusting to change on the fly.  My sissy tweeted today that she remembers being a kid and telling our mom all the things that she would never do.  Mom would just smile at her and say, “Baby, keep on living”.  Truer words were never spoken.

I would LOVE to hear from you; What are you passionate about? What makes you smile from the inside out that you should be sharing with the world?

Stay tuned dearies, this show is about to get a whole lot more interesting. 

Blessings & Happiness Always

T. Nicole

T. Nicole


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