What Day Is It?

28 Jul

Ok, I have really got to get back on the ball when it comes to my blog and just about everything else extracurricular in my life. My work and church lives have literally consumed my every waking moment for the last few weeks.
For real, I don’t even know what day it is half the time. It is not uncommon for my cubemate Macie to say it’s time to go to a meeting and for me to reply, ” Mace the meeting isn’t until Thursday.” And she will laugh and inform me that it is Thursday, and I will swear up and down that it is still only Tuesday! I am a work horse, I admit to that. My work ethic and dedication are two of my best attributes but they are also normally my downfall and occasional undoing.

Ok enough of the boring stuff! I am writing this while at my stepson’s basketball game at the YMCA on W. Orem. I swear some of these parents have to be the most ignant (10x worse than ignorant) group of people I have ever seen!! They scream and holler and fuss and cuss not only at each other but at the kids! They encourage their kids to take the ball and foul opposing players; the coaches are talking trash to each other so bad that the refs benched all the kids! WTH!!! The kids are brawling and punching each other on the damn court! I don’t know if they are aware, but in the event they don’t, I will help them: this is not the friggin NBA! Your child is NOTthe next Kevin Garnet, Kobe Bryant or old school Penny Hardaway! A couple of them may be the next Ron Artest aka Metaworld Peace they way they jack each other up on the court and than act like they have no idea what happened. Stop fostering this kind of negative behavior among your kids. You look obsessive and completely uncouth and without home training! And you wonder why your child has no real people skills, is anti-social and completely self absorbed! Every game is another example of stupidity and asinine behavior. I just shake my head, take mental notes and tell y’all!

Do Better, Expect Better, Be Better… Damn it!

Blessings and Happiness my Lovelies


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