Tickled Pink

09 Jul

Hello my Lovelies!!

     I know I have been absent for the last week, I am been feeling so down and out that I didn’t have the energy or the drive to write anything! The weather here in Houston is dark, gloomy and stormy, much like my life here lately.   Life has been kicking my very prominent and, might I say voluptuous, derriere. I am trying most ferociously to keep a positive outlook and focus on the big picture, rather than the physical maladies I am facing and the depression that usually occurs in tandem with chronic pain.  That being said, I try to find things that make me smile and better yet make me laugh out loud.       My dear friend Jason a.k.a J-Boogie sent me a text a week or so ago telling me to google “text from dog”.  I was confused and suspicious but did as requested and have never regretted the decision!  I LOVE the blog “TEXT FROM DOG”!!!  A guy from the UK named October Jones ( I can’t be sure that October Jones is the name that his mother gave him.  I think it sounds more like a stripper name but who am I to judge?)

     His dog’s name is Dog and he has learned to text and does so every day to confound and annoy his human, who he has deemed to be his butler.  I never laughed so hard in my life!  It was exactly what I needed to take my mind off of my own problems and genuinely made me laugh from a good healthy place!  Now I follow the blog and look forward to seeing the lively and hilarious interaction between them.  I do realize that dogs can’t text but I am sure that what is listed is totally what dogs are thinking. 

     Anyone who knows me knows that I ADORE pretty rocks.  Truth be told I am an amateur gemologist and can be found watching Jewelery Television, in the gem vault at the Museum of Natural Science or online looking at faceted gemstones, gemstone rough and specimens.  I bought my first Mozambique Garnet last December and was a happy as I could be!  So I was on Ebay and actually won an auction for a parcel of 100 carats of natural faceted gemstones!  I am anxious to get my delivery, get my jeweler’s loop and start identifying stones!  I have to remember to get gem jars!  ( If you haven’t noticed, it takes very little to entertain me for hours and at time).

      Another happy moment came when I was roaming around Garden Ridge on Saturday.  Once upon a time long, long ago, Garden Ridge used to carry arts and crafts items.  So rather than calling and checking to see if they still did, I haphazardly went there instead.  What I found was home decor and accessories, which is fine because I love mirrors, paintings, throw pillows and the like. I like to go to Michael’s for my craft stuff anyway. (* Pouts, crosses arms and looks away with a disdainful look on my face*)   While ambling around, I came upon this ceramic sculpture (pictured below) and had to stop in my tracks and take a picture to share with the world.  I have seen a lot of things, funny, inspiring and disturbing. I think this one falls into the funny/disturbing category.  Please let me know your thoughts!

     Life can make you think that you are losing your mind, it may depress you and have you wondering as to the meaning of your existence.  Whenever you get to that point, rather when you feel yourself going down the road of self-doubt and pity, find those things in life that make you smile and bring you joy. 

Check out “Text From Dog” at

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole

Toilet Paper Holder at Garden Ridge.


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