Random Summer Fashion Faux Pas… The Office Edition

20 Jun

     Here in Houston the summer is upon us with daily temperatures in the mid 90s and humidity at nearly 100%.  It is so hot every summer that most of us don’t even complain anymore when we look at our car dashboards at 8:00 am and see that it reads over 80 degrees!  With the sweltering summer heat comes the lighter colored clothing, sleeveless shirts and open toed shoes.  All of these are great and when worn properly are a respite from the heat.  However there are some “rules” that need to be imparted at the office when summer attire comes around.

1) If you are going to wear light-colored shirts and/or pants (tan, beige- no that is not the same color as tan, off-white, white, etc) please wear the correct undergarments.  Wearing a pink or blue bra under a white shirt means that the entire office knows what color and style of bra you are wearing; and NO ONE will tell you that they can see it; they will snicker and talk about you in private.  Just sayin…

2) If you are going to wear linen, please see #1.  Also know that linen is notorious for wrinkling, go with extra heavy starch and steam as well.  It shouldn’t look like the Wrinkle Monster took your cloths, balled them up, threw them at you saying, “Roar! Go to work!” 

3) If you are going to wear open-toed shoes please get a pedicure!  Now, I shouldn’t have to say this ladies; you should be getting pedicures on a regular basis.  Not only does it give you pretty feet, it also serves as a time for relaxation and a place where your husband/boyfriend/children would not dare to venture.  Me personally, I go every two weeks.  Stop letting your nail polish chip and flake off and then wear Jesus sandals to work.  Your toenails shouldn’t be so long that when you walk on the kitchen/break room floor that we hear clicking! Nor should they look like they would slice up your sheets. Not a cute look! 

4) If you wear open toed shoes, please lotion your feet.  Your feet shouldn’t look like you have been kicking flour or been on a barefooted pilgrimage through a quartz mine.

5) Short shirts that show all kinds of stuff when you bend over to get a file out of the drawer….No.  *insert blank stare* 

6) Low cut shirts that have you damn near falling out of them when you reach across your desk…No. *insert blank stare*

6) Short dresses or skirts that stop right below your behind or a few inches below it…Just a flat out no.  Just because you put a sweater on over it does not make it work appropriate.  Think again!

     I could go on and on but I think ya’ll get the point.  If you are offended or upset by anything I have written above, then more than likely some of these refer to you.  Just say “Ouch”.  I am not saying that I always get it right, but I can NEVER be accused of any of these fashion faux pas!  I am just trying to help, please know that your coworkers do talk about you if you do any of these.  Remember the mirror is your friend.  If you think something may be questionable or you aren’t quite sure, dial a friend and ask their opinion.  If one is not available and you have doubts… change clothes!  Be a fashion innovator, not a victim.

I am not afraid to give these out and carry them with me!

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole


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