Hinder Me Not

19 Jun

     Praise should not be hindered by the bad and saddening things in our lives.  We are to and should praise God always.  We would not know how gracious, loving and merciful our Father is if we only had good times, joy, happiness and peace.  It is when we emerge from the storm, when the land has dried, the flowers have sprung and the sun shines that we learn to appreciate and love God for who He is.  How can you appreciate the blessings of God if you don’t know what it is to go through?  When you look back at the storms that you have been through, the dry and acrid plains of life where nothing flourishes, you will see that even in that desert place, God kept you. He kept you not because of how good you are, not because of how much money you give to the church, nor how many ministries you are in.  None of that matters to the Father; He is not concerned with you being on however many boards, He does not care that you have been a member of any particular church for many years.  He has kept you simply because of His love for you.   He cares about you following the Great Commission, He cares about the heart that you have for your fellow man and your communion with Him through prayer and reading His Word.

     So many times we feel that God has forgotten us, that we have done something to offend and upset Him that He allows us to go through things that are decidedly uncomfortable, difficult and nearly break us.  Yes, we do disappoint God and fall short of His glory daily; it is sometimes disheartening to know that we will never live up the standard that God has.  It is depressing to know that we are not perfect and don’t always walk in His will.  But the Word says that we are to Christ-like not Christ, for He was the only perfect being to ever walk the earth.  The dire circumstances and demoralizing situations that we find ourselves in at times are meant to teach, mold and groom us for something better.  Gold ore in its raw form is a rock covered in so much dirt, debris and contains many impurities.  It cannot serve a useful purpose until it has been smelted.  Gold must go through chemical process to free the metal from the other elements present. Then it has to be heated until it is molten and the remaining impurities rise to the surface and are scooped away.  What is left is one of the most sought after metals; certain cultures place their family’s wealth in their gold jewelry, which is passed on from generation to generation.   In the same way as raw gold ore, we are dirty, covered in the grime of sin that is a part of our nature as humans. 

     In order for us to be useful to God, to be a vessel that He can pour into and to fulfill his purpose God has to purify us.  That purification comes through trial and tribulations, storms of all kinds that cause us to bend and bow.  We are separated from those things that deter and hide us from our true purpose.  It is through all of that that the impurities in us, those things that are displeasing to God are brought to the surface and He wipes them away.  Afterwards we are better for it, shiny and new, created into a wholly new creature with a spirit of servitude and love and adoration for God.  That isn’t to say that we will always be shiny and new; with constant wear and use gold can become dirty and grimy and requires a thorough cleaning from time to time.  We are no different; being in the world we pick up things, habits, attitudes and thoughts that tarnish us.  Thus comes our most gracious and loving Father to clean us up so that He can be glorified through our transformation and the shining beacon that we are to those who are in the world.

     Be transformed and encouraged today finding peace in the knowledge that God loves you cares for you and only wants the best for you.  Although the process to achieve the final product is harsh and unforgiving, uncomfortable and painful;  and at times you feel that you can stand no more, it is in that place that God has the opportunity to create in you a new heart of gold, unblemished, untarnished and that will draw all those who Him that desire the same.

Blessings and Happiness Always

T. Nicole


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