Doing Da Butt!

15 Jun

     Everyday most of us ride at least one elevator and know how cramped and uncomfortable they can be.  Some people cringe and close their eyes on long elevator rides, and as soon as those doors begin to open, they lurch forward and out like the devil himself was chasing them.  There are other elevator riders who see an elevator is full but somehow figure that they can squeeze in. Then there are those that get into an elevator with plenty of space but for some gosh-awful reason they choose to step in, turn around so that their back is facing you and then they proceed to back up towards you!  You quickly take your purse/handbag/computer bag/briefcase and put it in front of you to protect your no-no spot from being accosted by someone’s butt!!  They back up until they are touching your bag and then they have the audacity to stand there like nothing is wrong, you aren’t cowering trying not to move behind them and that there is no other space in the elevator for them to stand in!  I know the rules of personal space *( Please see previous posts “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” and “Don’t Stand So Close To Me… The Remix” for my feelings on personal space) tend to be null and void in a public enclosed space, but for the love of Pete! 

     On this segment of “Grind’s My Gears” I was accosted by someone on the elevator this morning.  The very thing I mentioned above happened to me and I was against the back wall of the elevator.  Not that I wanted this lady’s behind on my Coach bag but it was better than having her butt up against my no-no spot!  Lady I don’t know you like that, nor do I want to!  So there I am, riding up 40+ floors with her standing there trying to pretend that I am not there at all.  Now, I was a good at least head taller than her and I KNOW she felt me boring a hole in the back of her head.  Yet another uncomfortable encounter with John Q. Public or in this case, Jane Q. Public.  40+ floors later we go to transfer to yet another bank of elevators and she is following behind me and gets on the same elevator.  And what do you think happened?  A repeat of elevator ride one!! ( *throws up hands, shakes head and breathes an exasperated sigh*)

     If this is you, if you are not cognizant of people in relation to your butt, please, please pay more attention!!  We are not doing Da’ Butt… I don’t like you like that!

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole


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