Wade In the Water

06 Jun

Life has a way of wearing down your soul and spirit, taking a little bit of your humanity every day like so many grains of sand swept away by waves crashing in the beach.  Life can erode away at you, taking with it a piece of you everytime it comes by and you begin to wonder if there is anything of you left to give, for life to take from you. So how do you keep life from stealing from you what you believe makes you you? 

We put sandbags on the shore and around our homes to slow the waves and keep the water at bay.  We build levees to hold back flood waters that have the capability to destroy all in its path. Oh but wait, the same torrents of water that pull sand from the shore can also bring treasures untold.  Put up barriers to life, faith, prayer and a change of mindset have the power to keep you from being swept adrift.   Change how you view life and those things in it that seem detrimental.  The erosion is a slow and steady process and maybe, just maybe, what you believe life is taking from you is really becoming something more than what you are.  The Grand Canyon used to be a magnanimous piece of rock.  But over time something as small and innocuous as water eroded that rock into a wonderful testament.  Just as life can bring hurt and heartache it can also in the same pass bring happiness and joy.


Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole


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