Public Service Announcement II

26 May

* Puts up Baptist finger, clears throat *

Excuse me, attention please!

Ladies, please for the love of all of the hanitizer ( hand sanitizer) in the world, DO NOT put your purse on the floor in a public restroom!! Those hooks on the back of the door, on the stall wall, those are for hanging your personal belongings on. We all know how nasty public bathrooms can be and you are quick to complain about there not being any sani-seat covers but you put your bag on a damp/wet floor?

If you want to walk around with a pissy pocketbook, that’s you. But NO handbag or shopping bag if mine, regardless of what I paid for it, will EVER touch a restroom floor! If I’m talking about you, say “Ouch”!

That is all.

T. Nicole


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