That Is So Not Where I Thought That Converstation Would Go…

11 May

Happy Friday my Lovelies!!

I don’t think I have been looking forward to a Friday like this since like… forever it would seem!  I was nice today and brought donuts (cake donuts this time) to the office, mostly because I felt the need to do something that would make me happy. It also fulfilled my craving for sugar, so there was a dual purpose.  Nonetheless, Macie and I were chatting via IM, as usual of course, and we got on the subject of our work email names.  From that it went so far left that I can barely believe we were talking about emails at first. Below is a transcription of our chat:

Macie :Tangra, it makes me think of a tiger and the kangaroo from Winnie The Pooh..”kanga”

Me: Like Tony the Tiger b/c that dude has always freaked me out… wearing nothing but a bandana tied around his neck, walking on 2 legs…

Macie: hahahaha… it’s just not normal

Me: Always around kids saying “They’re great!!”… something very wrong about him and that damn Lucky Charms™ leprechaun…

Macie: First of all, if the tiger is going to walk around on two feet get him some underpants. Secondly, the leprechaun has the worst accent ever. We couldn’t pay a native to do the voice?

Me: Yes, Tony does need pants or no clothing at all.  The neckerchief is very disturbing… Hell Donald wore a hat and sailor shirt but no pants… Mickey wore pants and suspenders but no shirt… what the hell is going on with these cartoons!?  That leprechaun is a chester… running around with kids telling them to follow his rainbow… yea, follow the rainbow down to a basement cellar with cages and chains…

After a fitful laughing session we went on to discuss cereal cartoon characters such as Count Chocula™ and Boo-Berry™ (introducing our children to vampirism and supernatural occurrences at an early age), Toucan Sam™ and the Trix™ rabbit (how the hell is he not allowed to have cereal that has his face on it? Mean a#$ kids gave that poor rabbit a complex).

So began my day at work, leave it to me and Macie to have conversations about deviant cereal cartoon character behavior!

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole a.k.a “The Duchess”


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2 responses to “That Is So Not Where I Thought That Converstation Would Go…

  1. Janicee Stewart

    May 17, 2012 at 9:09 am

    ROFL @ ‘neckerchief’. I’m done……

    • grahamcrackercrumbs09

      May 17, 2012 at 10:00 am

      LOL!!! I have always wanted to use that word in a regular daily conversation… it was the first word that came to mind when I was typing out the IM… I think that makes me a little off though!


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