Don’t Stand So Close to Me!

08 May

Hello My Lovelies!!  It is another beautiful day in Zamunda ( I am all about the random movie references!) ! 

By now we all know that I have random, strange and at times hilariously funny encounters with John Q. Public.  This is nothing new and true to form I was accosted last night when I and my hubby went to see The Avengers.  We were standing in line waiting to be let into the theater and some random “woman” ( Using the term loosely as she was not dressed as a respectable example of our fair sex. She basically had on a pair of shorts that could double for boyshorts underwear from Victoria’s Secret, and dingy tank top and a pair of beat up Chuck Taylors ) walks towards me and promptly and unceremoniously plops herself behind me and there is less than a foot between my backside and her front side ( trying to keep it PG ya’ll).  I was sooo uncomfortable and she was sooo close to me that I couldn’t even turn around and say anything to her about it.  So, me being me, I looked over to my right at my husband and said loud enough for her and at least the 4 people in our general vicinity to her me, ” What the deuce!  Why is this broad so close to me?  I mean, I know I am fine and all but dammit she needs to take a good 2 steps back!  I don’t know her like that!  Hell, I don’t know you like that!”  Do you think she moved?  Nope, she continued to stand there staring at the back of my head, or whatever she was doing back there ( I was scared to look)!

On this segment of “Grinds My Gears”  I am too through with people generally not respecting other people’s personal space.  I do understand that even under the most perfect of circumstances, you, I, no one, will get arms length distance from you at any given time any more; it is something that I have come to accept and understand. However, if you are close enough to me that I can feel your hot breath curling the hair on my neck… YOU ARE TOO DAMN CLOSE!! This goes for women, ladies, females, broads, gal pals, dudes, duggies, homies, bros, bro-friends, or whatever folks are calling each other now-a-days.  In my haste to remove myself from the tractor beam of ol’ girl, I offered to get concessions, which was in the line of sight of the theater we were waiting for. 

Yet again, I was accosted by people with no respect for personal space.  A very portly man got in line behind me wearing house slippers w/ socks, shorts that were long enough to be pants and a polo shirt. ( I feel a segment on do some of these folks have mirrors or friends )  He proceeded to breathe heavily down the back of my neck, all the while talking on the phone about how many nachos he was going to buy and to save him a place in line.  I took a step forward so as to disengage myself and what did he do everyone? …He took as step forward as well!  That’s it!  I’d had it!  I stepped forward, pivoted to face him and kindly in my sweetest voice ( I see you laughing at me) conveyed to him my deepest wish for him to either remove himself a few paces or at least stop breathing on me.  Sometimes people need gentle reminders that they are not the only person on the planet or to occupy space and that maybe, just maybe, I don’t want to take a little piece of them with me when I leave their presence, i.e. germs!

Protect your personal space my dearies, it is yours and no one should in it unless invited.

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole


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