Creed is AWESOME!!!

30 Apr

Happy Monday my lovelies!!

I know I have been absent the past couple of days, my heart and soul were bruised and I needed to go into solitude in order to patch myself up. Friday, Saturday and today were rough days for me and I was getting beat up from all sides. I gave my hubby tickets to see Creed for his b’day (May 7th) and honestly I like Creed but was a bit reluctant to go due to my mood and generally downtrodden spirit.

But I went anyway, out of consideration and deference to my husband. What I thought would be an ok concert turned out to be a communion with God! My spirit was ministered to, my bruised and bleeding heart and soul were mended, renewed and clothed in a new set of armor. I give a HUGE shout out to Eve to Adam and Creed for bringing me peace and giving me a chance to let go of all that has been threatening to drown me.

Good night my dearies, until tomorrow!

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole


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