Who taught you email etiquette?

25 Apr

The day in the life of an HR Professional is varied and quite funny, if you have daily interactions with employee populations and/or if you are a Recruiter.  Per my last post, “I cannot take you seriously with an email address like that” the shock and awe factor with my work is never-ending and a constant source of entertainment.  So the “Grinds My Gears” post for today is directed at those people who send email blast when looking for work.  

A candidate that I rejected many months ago for a position ( for reasons that I won’t list here but were absolutely valid) sent me an email this morning asking for me to look at his C.V./Resume and that if I hired him I would not be sorry as he is a hard worker, etc., etc., etc.  That normally would not be an issue, I receive emails like that all day long.  What grinds my gears is that he didn’t only send the email to me, he sent it to five (5) other HR departments ( all of which are competitors of each other)… and they were all listed in the “To” field!!!  Ok, so here it is folks, if you are looking for work and have the email addresses of various HR departments or HR personnel, PLEASE send individual emails!!  It only takes an extra few minutes to click the “Compose” button a few more times rather than sending a blanket email and everyone that you sent it to can see who else you sent it to!  Now what are the odds that ANY of the five other companies he emailed will give his application/ resume any credence?  Even if I hadn’t rejected him, I still wouldn’t look at him as a viable candidate after that.  This gets a huge “Do Better” sticker from me for lack of forethought and such all around “No! No! Bad! Bad!” behavior.  I think I need to write a book…

And that is what grinds my gears today, please feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole


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