Hell Naw, I’m Not Eating That!

21 Apr

Good Morning my loveliez!

Everyday is an adventure for me and most days I seriously wonder if I am the only one that some of these random ass things happen to.  Apparently my friend Jordy has some random mess happen to him too, so I don’t feel so alone! (Shout out to @therealJordy) So last night I woke up from a much needed and might I say well deserved nap with a craving for James Coney Island (henceforth referred to has JCI- the only hotdog place in Houston). 

I went to JCI and ordered mini corndogs, chili cheese fries, a large Coke© and apple bites.  While I was waiting at the window watching the kitchen, I saw the manager actually dredged MY apple bites in cinnamon sugar with his bare hands!! He packaged my food, came to the window and had the NERVE to try to give ’em to me!!  I kindly said the following:

Me: Sir, I’m not trying to be rude or difficult, but you can keep the apple bites.  You touched them with your bare hands, no gloves or anything. I’m good.”

Nasty Manager: (Looking dumbfounded) Let me make you another order… (Thinking to myself “Hell naw, I’m good, really! I will chock up the loss of $1.69 + tax. Hmm $1.69 versus possibility of food poisoning, E.Coli or Hep c… I’m not that cheap!”)

Me: No, really I’m good.

What the hell was he thinking?  Don’t get ticked off at me because I question your lack of sanitation procedures and just all around nastiness!! Please forgive and excuse the hell out of me if I don’t want to contract your possible communicable diseases!!

Check your food my lovlies, watch folks and sit near the kitchen if you can! You never know what folks may be doing.

Blessings and Happiness

T. Nicole



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