Look At Me!!

16 Apr

Happy Monday my dears!! 

 I felt a need and pulling on my soul to write something today that may touch someone.  I overheard someone saying in the office one day ( I work in a cubicle farm so you can overhear almost EVERYTHING a certain someone says… Posting about that person to come later) that they wanted to be famous, even if it was for something really bad, at least their name would be known.  It got me to thinking that their desire to be famous/known/recognized isn’t really all that uncommon. 

Everyone wants to be admired, even the most basic creature does things to draw the attention of others; fireflies flash lights in a beautiful display, male peacocks splay their azure hued feathers proudly. Today it seems that everyone wants to be famous, even for the innocuous things. Reality TV stars are having random and staged encounters with John Q Public on national television, fighting, cursing, semi-nude, or beleaguered; movie stars who are making millions of dollars per picture, music sensations touring the world and posing in designer fashions.  Everyone wants to be seen and revered, fawned over and adored.  And yet, the most prolific and famous person of any generation past, current or to come, was the exact opposite.  He didn’t seek fame, He didn’t seek wealth, He was unassuming except for by those who recognized the greatness that He exuded.  Yes, He traveled with an entourage, was followed by fan everywhere he went, but He was always in the cut, watching rather that wanting to be watched.  He was a King among men, a doer of great works, a teacher, a saver of souls, the most powerful and humble man the world has ever known.  When asked who He was, it would ask those inquiring “Who do they say that I am” (Matthew 16:15).  He never intended to stand in front of the world to be loved and adored, or to be followed by throngs of people hanging on His every word.  Rather, He came to redeem the world, to barter for that which is eternal, quietly, deliberately, but with as much force and power as God had emboldened Him with.

 We do everything under the sun to be noticed, but we do it to be noticed for the things that are superficial and really don’t matter.  Why can we not want to be noticed, appreciated, loved for the unassuming things; for our love of God, for our piety, and great works done for the sake of just doing good works, rather than for anything else.  I want to be noticed for my humble submission to God’s will for my life, and not so that others will say how great I am or what wonderful things I do; rather, so that others will see the Christ in me and ask what they have to do to have the same inner peace and joy.  As we are bombarded by the needs and wants of the flesh, our spirit is suppressed, restrained and downtrodden trying to fight our worldly nature.  It has to travail that much harder to show us that we must seek first the kingdom of God in all things, and then, and only then will God give us the desires of our hearts (Matthew 6:33).   But that is not to say that God is going to make us all svelte, sleek, rich superstars or billionaires just because we desire it.   Once you make the decision to give your life to God, to turn over all that you are to His perfect will, the desires of your heart will change.  It will be a yearning to do His will and to go forth and tell every one of His goodness and faithfulness, rather than an habitual want for that which the world gives. 

Just a thought my dears, no preaching or beating you over the head with a bible intended.  Just the musings of my heart.

Blessings and Happiness Always!

T. Nicole


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